CD42 Receiver

Offered in several configurations and available for sale or rental, CDI's CD42 pipeline pig location and tracking system is the most sophisticated, accurate and simplest to use in the world. This rugged design has proven itself time and again with over 10 years of sales and rentals for customers from Alaska to Zimbabwe. Designed from the ground up for the pigging industry, the CD42 pig tracking system utilizes a bright, clear, graphical LCD display to easily reveal the distinctive pulsing patterns of passing pigs (shown above), and a simple graphical menu system allows an operator to access the more advanced features of the unit if he chooses. Locating stationary or stuck pigs is equally easy. Simply walk the pipeline looking for the pulses emitting from the CD42-Tx family of transmitters, or hold the receiving antenna alongside the launcher or receiver. Since the CD42 system has a unique proprietary design that allows it to reject much of the electromagnetic interference that competing equipment suffers from, operators will find that the stop-and-go guesswork of pig tracking and locating is a thing of the past!

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